100% Monofilament Wahoo Fishing Trip – MagBay 2019

Wahoo Fishing at MagBay Lodge

So, this year in Magdalena Bay, Baja CA Sur, MX the wahoo fishing has been off the charts with limits of Wahoo on a regular basis for MagBay Lodge and their clients as well as the few private boaters lucky enough to make it out there.  I have been fortunate enough to spend a bit of time this season out on the Ridge and all over the various high spots with a ton of success.

But, something that happened out there this year has prompted the idea for our next trip starting on September 27th.   This trip Sep 27th, 4 days fishing, 100% mono leaders on all lines including wahoo rigs.  Yes, of course this is an experiment, and yes, we do expect to lose a few lures, but we really are interested to look at the numbers and let me explain why.

In Mag Bay we fish for Wahoo with cable leaders, but we also always run lines with mono or fluoro simply because we have clients and they want to catch fish.  There are so many marlin, tuna and dorado out there, you close a lot of doors by running strictly cable.  What we noticed though, was the Wahoo really were interested in the lures with mono.  On a 3 day trip, we also realized we had about 12 wahoo all on mono and somehow, we did not lose even 1 lure.  And many of these wahoo were big!

I will admit that is abnormal, as quite often the wahoo steal lures like a purse snatcher in central park, but maybe that is bound to happen.  So, this time we are on a mission.  Fish 100% mono on all wahoo lures and see what happens no exceptions until we run out of lures. 

To make this official, we are discussing this before we head out, and will return with another post in October hopefully with a whole bunch of Wahoo, but possibly with a whole bunch of cut leaders and sad faces.  But at least we will know it was done in the interest of science.

Here are a few pics of the Wahoo Fishing season well underway down in Mag Bay!

Big Wahoo on Lures MagBay

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