Bluefin Tuna Fishing and UV Glow

Bluefin Tuna

Why the RM9 UV Bluefin Tuna Lure Catches so Well:

  • Lifetime Warranty on breakage:  Unbreakable Lure
  • Color Design inside the Solid Urethane so will never fade, chip, etc
  • UV Glow, unique swimming design, and solid construction gives the advantage

Bluefin tuna are highly visual predators, and they are known to be attracted to certain wavelengths of light, including ultraviolet (UV) light. The addition of UV glow to fishing lures can enhance their visibility and attractiveness to bluefin tuna for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: UV light penetrates deeper into water than visible light, making UV-enhanced lures more visible to bluefin tuna even at greater depths where light is limited.
  2. Contrast: UV glow creates contrast against the natural background of the water, making the lure stand out more effectively and catching the attention of bluefin tuna.
  3. Increased Attraction: Bluefin tuna, like many fish species, have photoreceptors that are sensitive to UV light. Therefore, lures with UV glow can trigger a stronger feeding response in these fish compared to lures without UV enhancement.
  4. Better Performance in Low Light Conditions: UV glow remains effective even in low light conditions, such as cloudy days or during dawn and dusk when visibility is reduced. This ensures that the lure remains attractive to bluefin tuna throughout various lighting conditions.
  5. Longer Visibility Range: UV-enhanced lures can be seen from farther distances by bluefin tuna due to the unique properties of UV light, increasing the likelihood of attracting fish from a distance.

Overall, the addition of UV glow to fishing lures can significantly improve their effectiveness in attracting bluefin tuna by maximizing visibility and triggering feeding responses in these visually-oriented predators.

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