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Reel them in, Don’t tie them on!

From the makers of the MagTrak Wahoo Lure comes a revolutionary new system sure to get you hooked! Cutting, tying, gluing, rigging, repeat. This method of changing skirts is outdated and exhausting. It is time to focus on the fishing, not the floss.

Quickskirt Blog Photo

MagBay Lures and Lodge is proud to introduce our new Patent Pending QuikSkirt™ System. This interchangeable skirt and lure connector system removes the need for time-consuming rigging and allows you to focus on getting fish into the boat, rather than lures into the water.

With the Quikskirt™ connector coupling system, you buy one lure head and unlimited skirts. Lure connectors are made with anodized aluminum components and stainless steel ball bearings, making them corrosion resistant to saltwater.

Handmade in the USA, our skirts can be customized to almost any color and are available in 8.5, 10, 12, and 14 inch sizes. Simply uncouple to remove the current skirt, then insert and connect to attach new skirt. QuikSkirt™ are available for our famous Sinceros, Plomeros, GI-24, Select Resin Lures, and Plomeritos, which have been updated with connectors ready for any skirt. Fishing in waters swarming with fish and need a different skirt to attract tuna, wahoo, mahi, marlin, and more? Simply pull up the lure, pop the orange skirt off, put a purple skirt on, and get ready for some high speed trolling.

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