High Speed Wahoo Lure MagTrak™ – 10″

A True Wahoo “Magnet”

Truly a new breed of Wahoo Lures. The MagTrak features a patented design that allows the lure to swim straight and below the surface at speeds of up to 20 knots, or within short aggressive turns directly inside or outside the propwash.   The MagTrak Wahoo Lure also incorporates the patented HookMag™ Technology that keeps the front hook in the stinger position at any speed until a Wahoo or other strike occurs.  The hook is then released and direct swivel connection to hook and mouth of fish.  Please check out the videos below for a better understanding of the concept.  

Patent and Patent Pending No. US 15/783,764, CN 201811130554.8, EU & EPO 18196736.5, AU 2018233051, US Design: 29/666,174, SE Design 84191



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