Tuna and UV – Can fish see UV better?

Tuna on UV Lure

The Answer is Yes:

Bluefin tuna have specialized vision that allows them to see ultraviolet (UV) light, which is an adaptation beneficial for their marine environment. While not necessarily “better” in a general sense compared to other animals that can also see UV, bluefin tuna do have a unique advantage in their specific context.

Their ability to detect UV light helps them spot prey more effectively in the ocean. Many marine organisms, including some that the tuna feed on, reflect UV light, making them more visible to predators with UV-sensitive vision. This adaptation gives bluefin tuna an edge in hunting and navigating their underwater environment.

In comparison to humans, who cannot see UV light at all, bluefin tuna indeed have superior UV vision. However, compared to other UV-sensitive animals, it’s more about the specific advantages and adaptations each species has developed for their ecological niches rather than a straightforward comparison of “better” UV vision.

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