MagBay Lures were born in Magdalena Bay, Mexico out of the desire to attract and catch more fish.  Each design has been inspired and customized by anglers to meet the needs of what we have seen over the past 25 years fishing the Pacific and around the world.   One of the many keys we have found is the perfect balance of mass and configuration that can give one lure enhanced creative action to ultimately intrigue more fish.   

MagBay Lures are consistently proven to catch all big game species.  The quality and brilliance can be seen in any MagBay Lure you purchase.

We stand by our product 100%.  All our lures are rigourously tested with our multiple charter operation partners out of Mexico, California, Florida, and Austrailia.  If for any reason you have an issue with one of our products we will replace it for you or take care of the concern in a time efficient manner.  We know those of you who use our lures keep us in business, and we won’t forget it.


One of the most exciting and absolutely beautiful palegic gamefish to catch. They attack all sorts of lures and live bait. Gather around structure.


One of the most sought out species of all big game Anglers. Always best to catch and Release this magnificent palegic sportfish.


Tuna is one of our favorite fish to create a lure for – they can be finicky eaters but absolutely amazing to catch as all big game enthusiasts know.


Wahoo are perhaps the most unique big game fish of all – so fast, so smart, so powerful and so dangerous.  The ultimate sport fish.