We are a fishing lure manufacturing company, but we also own and operate a Sport Fishing Lodge out of Magdalena Bay, Baja CA Sur.  This gives us the advantage, and has done so for many years, to truly develop and test new lures and concepts that work.  Magdalena Bay, aka Mag Bay, is one of the few places in the world where we can go out and catch 20 Wahoo by noon and be back to cook it for dinner.  This helps us quickly find what works and what doesn’t.  80% of our trips and our clients fish either bait, or MagBay lures exclusively.   Our captains, deck hands, and owners quickly see any new prototype and its viability.  Every single lure that we put out has already proven to catch fish.  We do not release a lure until the prototype has landed a fish.

Most all of our lures are manufactured in the USA, often using parts and materials from around the globe.

We have so many years experience fishing, it becomes second nature to know what Lure to use at what time and in what waters.  MagBay Lures as a company listens to our pro staff, our customers, and our competitors.  We believe that the longer we put out high quality products, the more successful we will become.  It is our only mission.  To put out the highest quality product possible and have fun testing it.


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