We developed a custom design and weight ratio Lure that creates turbulance similiar to that of an injured or fleeing baitfish that Wahoo and other Palegic species cannot resist. The wide and steep nose allows for maximum deep diving and creates natural urgency through white water.  Below you can see some of the minor details that we have developed over the years to offer out that small advantage when attracting Wahoo and big game fish.  Magbay Lures has everything a high quality Lure should have and then some.

We have so many years experience fishing, it becomes second nature to know what Lure to use at what time and in what waters.  For this reason we have began Kitting Lures together for your spread in a MagBay Lures bag to make the spread a little easiar and a little more scientific.  Checkout our Lure Bag combinations for different fishing grounds, different waters, and different target species.