Leesh It- High Speed Wahoo Trolling’s new best friend


MagBay Lures is pleased to announce that we now carry the Leesh It, a revolutionary new technique to leash your rod and reels. Made for high Speed Wahoo Fishing, but great for any boat that has expensive rods and reels on board.

Wahoo Tackle

As we all know, wahoo aren’t the only losers when you go offshore fishing. Tackle, reels, rods, and wahoo lures all take the plunge at some point. Wahoo Lures and tackle are notorious for heavy-duty components and durability. High speed trolling for Wahoo isn’t kind to equipment, your boat, or sometimes yourself. Even if a rod leash saves your rod and reel, it could still damage your engine and cause chaos 50 miles offshore. This innovative Leesh-It system combines a customizable rod leash which doubles as a fully adjustable boat fender. It is the all-in-one most practical item on your boat. It’s simple, adjustable, easy to use, and saves space on deck for the fish. Most importantly, it allows you to focus on slaying wahoo.

The Leesh -It History

Owned and run by a US Military Veteran family and Wahoo Fishing enthusiasts, each set of Leesh-It Lanyards is handmade with the utmost care and attention to detail. Available in a variety of colors, there’s a leash to match every wahoo lure you own. Size ranges from 21’ up to 36’ and larger. The standard Leesh-It Lanyard is made from high quality marine components and consists of a mainline, a tensioner, and 3 leash lines. Your clips are always together and on top of the gunwale.

As a result, come days’ end when the wahoo stop biting, simply unhook your rods and clip on your fenders as soon as you approach the dock. Every fisherman knows sometimes 2 fenders just don’t cut it with weather, currents, and wakes. Leesh It allows you to minimize damage to your boat and keep it in great shape to go out day after day. Its’ fully adjustable marine lanyard safety system is a must have for high speed wahoo trolling and is made BY fishermen FOR fishermen. Stop spending your time worrying about your gear and focus of Wahoo Fishing!

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