Update to All Mono Wahoo Fishing Trip

Well, sometimes you make a plan to fish a certain way, but sometimes the weather messes it all up. Mag Bay, Baja CA Sur Mexico is one of the greatest fishing grounds in the world, i think that is not debatable at least for striped marlin in November. Magdalena Bay has a range of underwater mountains outside the islands that are often referred to as The Ridge. It consists of many banks and high spots where Wahoo, tuna, and dorado congregate. But they are quite a ways offshore. Our planned trip had pretty rough seas and a whole lot of wind.

Now if the ridge was the only good fishing grounds maybe we would have tried to figh the elements, but fortunately in close were enormous schools of striped marlin and dorado. In less than an hour, including making bait, we are to the grounds. Now there are wahoo there as well, but it is hard to get sporadic wahoo when every single time a lure hits the water it is taken by marlin or dorado within in 10 minutes or less. So this planned trip took a turn and we decided to keep the rods bent all day and we had some great days! On day, the only day we stayed past early afternoon, we had 2 blue marlin about 29 striped marlin, which is an estimate because we lost count but it is the best we could add up, and about 20 dorado also an estimate (this is not a fisherman’s tale estimate – it is an honest estimate but the point is we a) were using light tackle b) only 3 anglers and c) we could have easily made that number 50 or more by just using heavier gear and staying a bit longer). We literally pulled up our lines in a school of marlin to the likes of what most fishermen in this world has never seen. It was incredible, but we had had enough.

We had several triple hookups on marlin including 1 that burned over an hour with 2 blue marlin at the same time running separate directions. One died on the line during the fight. We ran 100 percent magbay lures orher than some live bait we threw for a couple marlin and quite a few dorado.
So we stuck with our plan 100 percent mono, only change was the species of fish. We will postpone this adventure for a little while until next time we head out after wahoo and most certainly will update again you then.

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Marlin on Sincero Orange
Marlin on Green Phoenix
Marlin on Panamania Lure

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