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Mag Bay Marlin Fishing Lure

The Marlin fishing in Magdalena Bay has been incredible this year from later September to today they have seen numbers of striped marlin unmatched anywhere in the word.  People have come from all over the country to fish at our Lodge MagBay Fishing Lodge and no one has been unimpressed with the quantity of Marlin Hookups.   The striped marlin feed in large schools in Mag Bay, and catching 15-20 marlin in a day is often just a normal day with some days maybe 30-40 or more.  Bigger boats boast of 100-200 in a day – anything is possible there. 

marlin pn phoenix fishead marlin lure

The beauty of such a place for MagBay Lures as a Fishing lure company is the ability to do what almost no where else in the world can do.  Really start to quantify results.  What tends to happen in fishing is that a boat will troll all day and say get 2 marlin for example.  For whatever reason, let’s say both marlin hit the same lure.  Right out of the gate the crew, captain, and fishermen and woman will think it is a hot lure.  Then lets say they have two more days fishing the same area.  Do you think they will take that lure out?  Heck no, I wouldn’t.  But lets say they just get 2 more marlin in the next 2 days.  And one is on that same Lure again.  As completely unscientific as that is, we all, as human beings, will suspect that is a hot lure and we will always keep it in our spread, which in return will make it the hot lure as it is always there as we are certain it works! 

Marlin Lure phoenix fish head

In Magdalena Bay, on the other hand.  We can spend a day trolling lures, and if we fish most the day, 30 marlin is not that big of a deal.  In those 30 marlin, (and most likely at least 10 short strikes) we quickly see the lure that the marlin are choosing.  And if one lure seems extremely hot, no big deal we can pull it out and try another one in its place.  Why not right?  30 marlin is an overkill anyway.  It is that behavior where we can truthfully start to analyze patterns, determine color preference, and learn what the fish are seeing.  Fishing the area for just 20 days we probably have released 350 or more marlin easy, and maybe raised 500 or more.  That’s a lot of watching marlin come up behind lures.  And our season for marlin at these levels is more like 60-90 days every year with 6 months of regular marlin fishing.   That’s a lot of fish.

Underwater Marlin on Phoenix Lure

So we have noticed colors that work better than others, but this article is to discuss something that we truthfully saw this year.  We saw it last year as well, but really did not dive in and analyze as deep, we just kept the lure out there because it kept getting fish. 

The Lure I am talking about is the Phoenix Fishead Marlin and Mahi Lure.  We introduced it a little over 2 years ago and have fished it ever since.  The people who have bought it have always reported back with success, and we really just started to see a trend ourselves and with the dozens of people we have heard from on these lures.  These striped and some blue marlin just really seem to fixate on it.  It was by far the most hit we have had on the boat this season and continues to be.  This held true of all the colors.  It is the way this lure swims that causes the marlin to believe it is real.  I cannot even count how many times the same marlin swam behind a plunger in the spread and at the last minute grabbed the Phoenix fishead Marlin and Mahi Lure

Now that still seems to show that the plunger plays a big role in the equation.  Maybe it was the attraction that brought the fish into the spread to begin with.  But, the fact of the matter is these Phoenix Fish Head Lures get struck like crazy.  We are writing this post to challenge you all once again to purchase them and try a few.  If you do not see the results send them back – all money back guaranteed. 

Mahi Mahi on Phoenix Fishead Lure

MagBay Lures as a company is here for a profit in general, but if we just wanted money we would not be selling big game fishing lures.  We would be developing software or something of that nature, haha.  Big Game fishing and all it entails is truly a passion of ours, and we fish as much as anyone.  Our goal is to refine our line to have lures that work above and beyond all.  And when we find evidence of this, we want to share it with our customers.  We want you to catch more marlin, tuna dorado, wahoo, kingfish, trout, catfish, flounder, or whatever it is that gets people out there enjoying the sport.  We highly encourage release of all billfish, and release of any fish above limits.  The ocean is mysterious and beautiful. We don’t ever intend to solve the habits of marlin or any pelagic predator, but day in and day out we work to learn a little more and customize lures that cater to what we learn from first hand experience as well as from customer feedback.

Yellowfin tuna on Pink Phoenix Fishead Lure Turks and Caicos

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