MagBay Lures in MagBay – Trifecta Video

Marlin on MagBay Lummee Lure

MagBay Lures started as a company focusing on Wahoo fishing out of Magdalena Bay Baja CA Sur. This area has potentially one of the best fishing grounds in the world. It undeniably and indisputably has the best striped marlin fishing grounds with all records of most marlin caught in a day for probably 20 deep. Starting at 336 marlin in one day down to hundreds of boats with well over 100 in a day. In October and November if we have less than 20 marlin in a day it is either because the clients got tired of reeling in marlin or it was a slow day. No place in the world is able to boast such incredible marlin fishing.

Next would be dorado, take a look at the video. You can see hundreds below the water. If we target the dorado during these same times we can have limits for everyone on board in 30 minutes and catch and release 100 more throughout the day on a decent day. And not small dorado either, we get big mahi to 40 lbs or so. So certainly there are other places in the world that can do the same, but the mahi mahi fishing is as good as it gets anywhere.

Wahoo Fishing. Mag Bay is known for its world class wahoo fishing. The Long Range San Diego Boats travel 2.5 days to anchor up out front for yellowfin tuna and Wahoo. What is know as the Ridge is one of the greatest Wahoo fishing destinations our oceans have to offer. Often times easy limits by 11 am. But, the run is long and we do not always have the potential to make it out there.

In Mag Bay, we run strictly magbay lures for pelagic species, and of course bait and things like this. But for lures, we use all MagBay Lures. We know our lures and we know what works.

We were fortunate enough to have some truly talented customers come down and put together this incredible video. The video was not made for magbay lures, just for fun, but it so happened that most all these fish came in on the MagBay Lures brand, so we are excited to share it. A huge thanks to Marcos Castellanos and Cristy Delgado for an incredible experience and a great video to remember it by.

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