Savage Plomero Wahoo Lure

A Great Wahoo Video

There are two things that, in my opinion, make this Wahoo video great!  I’ll tell you what I see below, and feel free to let us know what else you all love. 

This video was sent in by Alton Robey who runs a great charter operation out of Jacksonville, FL.  If you are ever in the area, it is called All Tackle Fishing Charters, and we recommend checking them out.  They go after Wahoo, but all sorts of other species as well from marlin to snapper. 

Ok, so, now for the two things we love about this video.

  1.  We always love videos when an Anglerette is involved in a big fish.  Its great when they are on the rod and reel, but even better when they are on the wire or leader.  The sport of big game fishing, especially for Wahoo, seems to be crowded with men, so these videos are just great to see with some females involved.  From my own personal experience, no actual research or analysis so I could be wrong, but it does seem that more and more woman are getting out there on the water and bringing in gamefish.  So that is great!
  2. The guy with the Gaff, ….classic! To me it looks like he misjudges the size of the fish just a little, and lets be honest, many of us have done it.  This gaff shot reminds me of a funny fish story I experienced a couple years back.  I recall one night around 1 AM anchored up on the ridge and what seems to be a nice grouper comes to the side of the boat by an angler determined to fish all night.  A deckhand grabbed the gaff and stuck the fish, but it was pitch black, he just saw the shadow and hit it, next thing I knew he was yelling for me to grab another one, (keep in mind we are about 5 ft off the water) I assumed now a big grouper maybe 100 lbs plus, so I stick the gaff down for a second shot to help the deckhand.  But wait, we couldn’t pull it up even then easily.  But we could get it high enough to realize it was a huge ray, boy was that a bummer.  So, with a lot of straining we ending up pulling it over the rail to get the jig out and check this thing out.  It ended up being a giant sting ray that had to be about 150 lbs or so (If there were record books for sport fishing on this one we would have kept it for sure!).  What a slimy mess.  Point of that digression is that watching the deckhand hit that Wahoo brings me back to that night.  We all think of a gaff shot as one fluent motion that hits the fish and swings him up slightly or even into the air.  But so often we expect one weight and realize we mis-calculated when the fish itself or the weight pulls backward.  It might only be a second or two of miscalculation, and often no one even notices, but we all feel it when we do it.

So those are the things that I feel are just great about this video!  We love fishing, we love all that it entails, and we love sharing when we get a chance.

The big Wahoo above, came in on the Savage Plomero Wahoo Lure trolled at high speeds out of Jacksonville Florida. Below is a video of that nasty Ray!

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