High Speed Wahoo Trolling Watch Video

Many thanks to Reid Parry and bakermaker6 on the Second Chance Boat running out of North East Florida! When it comes to high speed wahoo trolling nobody does it better. These guys average 14+ knots and bring in big wahoo like it is their job! This video they ran MagBay Lures Cenceros and Plomeros. The thrill of hooking these fish and landing them at high speeds is a truly spectacular experience

We have several lures including the two above that are specifically designed to be able to troll at these high speeds and still have the action required to attract and hook big Wahoo. It is seen here in the amazing video these guys put together during the tournament. I think they have a great shot at winning The NorthEast Florida Wahoo Shootout based on the fish they brought in over the course of just this one video. Lets see how it turns out.

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