To fish or not to fish? That is a dumb Question.

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To fish or not to fish?  That is a dumb Question.

We want to take a few minutes to discuss what we believe is potentially a problem with the youth today.  Too many of our youth are playing video games and expecting fresh sushi on their plates with no clue of how it gets there, and not even a care. Ocean Fishing or Sport Fishing for pelagic fish is something that can create a positive and healthy experience for families, youth, our ocean and ultimately our world. Sport fishing is not about killing our oceans and taking the fish from it, but in fact more of a relationship like that of the Indian to the buffalo.  Understanding our oceans, our fisheries and enjoying and appreciating what it has to offer truly will be required if we want to sustain this amazing sport for our children, our grandchildren, and their grandchildren. children fishing Weather we want some fresh Wahoo Sushi, (ono) or want to throw jigs for big dorado, or troll for the big grander marlin, it all comes from an understanding and love of the ocean. Sport fishing is something that we all can enjoy and the passion alone will help our youth learn to sustain the most important thing this earth has to offer (not sport fishing but the ocean itself….. of course with fishing it a close second…) MagBay Lures, makes lures for salt water sport fishing.  We specialize in lures for Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, Marlin and other billfish but we make terminal tackle, lures, and other items for all sorts of saltwater fish species.  Of course we run and operate a business, but we also truly believe in the future of the sport as a valuable teacher and asset to our planet. Understanding how fish eat, where they go, when they show up, and all these things help provide data to determine the sustainability of any fishery.  A great example is tagging billfish.  We tag dozens to hundreds of billfish caught each year on MagBay Lures or however they are caught, and we are proud to do so. white marlin As a company, we want to promote the sport and keep it alive.  We encourage you to teach your children and their friends about our oceans.  Take them fishing, diving, whale watching or whatever it takes to help them understand the value the ocean has to our world. In 2019 MagBay Lures plans to launch an independent study on pelagic fish.  This study will come from Lure fishermen.  The study will include all billfish, Wahoo, Tuna, and Mahi.  We are starting to compile our list of avid anglers who would be willing to participate in our study.  Participants will receive free lures in exchange for quick writeups on what they see in their areas, pictures, water temps and more.  It is a simple program for serious charters or fishermen in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Coast San Diego and South. Please sign up by clicking here and simply putting in the Message box MagBay Lures 2019 Pelagic Gamefish Study We appreciate your support and look forward to doing our part in making the world a better place to fish.

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