Hybrid Wahoo Bombs

Wahoo Bombs! The Hybrid Wahoo Bombs are an amazing concept for landing more Wahoo. Down in Mag Bay, we bomb them back at the Wahoo after the troll like it’s a religion. We have all sorts of custom Wahoo Bombs for that reason, time of day, size of fish, size of gear, etc. This all ads more tackle, so we have developed the perfect Hybrid Wahoo Bomb. By Hybrid I am referring to a Wahoo Bomb and High Speed Trolling Lure. What does that accomplish you ask? Well some people throw bombs all day, others troll all day, most do some combination. Generally, the most effective method is trolling to find the pack of Wahoo then releasing wahoo bombs until they no longer bite. Troll on to next fish. With our new Beautiful Hybrid Wahoo Bombs you can easily switch up lures and tackle setups quickly without the worry of which is where. We like trolling straight off the boat with rods hanging and clipped to rope so we can use lighter (40-80 lbs class) casting tackle and throw back the bomb from the same gear. I cannot tell you how often a deperado series Lure or something like a yo zuri bonita is the one that hooks up on the troll, and the bombs deep back are the ones that get hit on the wind in to the boat with multiple double triple and even quadruple hooks on the hoos. The theory goes like this, troll 2 bombs and maybe 4 other lures. If the bombs get hit throw back as many as you can. If the other lures get hit wind in the bombs and hope for a double. Once wound in keep throwing them until no more fish and repeat.

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