How to get the most Wahoo Possible in one fishing trip?

By Captain Toby Larocque, Master de Nada:   We run a charter operation out of Magdalena Bay Mexico where the Wahoo fishing is some of the best in the world, and for this reason it is perhaps the main attraction.  The more Wahoo we get, the more beers and lobsters for us.  So we have a lot of motivation, if you know what I mean. So, when the Wahoo’s are in thick, it is go time.  There are some key factors that you must consider if you want more Wahoo on board than everyone else.  Here is a list of key components if you want to get more than just a few Wahoo on board. 1.  Always be fishing when the minute the sun rises.  Wahoo eat until about 11 AM and after that might as well have lunch and go for tuna, marlin and dorado. 2.  Always, and I mean always have at least 1 MagBay Desperado series 5 feet back from the break of the white water center stern. 3.  If you are not getting hit switch colors and change distance. Never just hope for luck 4.  When you get bit, let the boat run for at least 5 more seconds and hope for more strikes. 5.  Always (not most of the time or sometimes, but always) have Wahoo bombs ready on spare setups! Did I mention always? The minute the boat stops share responsibility for bringing trolling gear in (leave marlin rigs out far, it’s a waste of time to bring them in) – at least 2 wahoo bombs 3 casts each or until the troll fish(s) come on board. 6.  When the troll fish hits the deck (or the last wahoo hooked from the bombs), waste no time, boat to 10 knot and all lures back in the water. Circle the area. 7.  Repeat steps 2-6 until 11:30 am or so. If you are in the right spots you should have limits on board or close to it. Now, lets just reiterate a little.  The key components are desperado series by Magbay lures (yes Yo Zuri Bonitas and Braid Marauders work well too), wahoo bombs and time is of the essence.  The key is to get more than 1 fish on deck for each stop.  It is not always possible, but if done correctly you usually can.  We land 2 or more fish per stop well over 50 percent of the time because we do not deviate from these techniques.  Wahoo rarely swim alone, so be ready and make the most of the school, no matter how small. A few things I did not discuss here were other techniques like rigging, wire leader, trolling spread and other lures, etc.  That is a topic for another post, but stay tuned as it is coming next. Stay calm and fish hard!

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