Refraction and Refraction Jr

Refraction and Refraction Jr by MagBay Lures.

We have developed the absolute most refractive lure head made as of yet.  We molded the head to have many angles where light can bend through and refract somewhat similar to the disco ball light affect.  This gives the big game angler the highest chance to catch the attention of a gamefish.  Marlin, as an example, are attracted to a fleeing fish, creating turbulence and flashed of shiny scales in the water.   Tuna go into a frenzy when they find a bait ball and the ball itself begins to thrash, jump, and flash. The reflection leaving the lure head, especially utilizing mother of pearl, often created the same feeling for gamefish and thus generates a strike or draws attention.  The MagBay Refraction Lure is the prime example.  It sends out so much reflective light, that a passing Dorado is going to notice it. This Lure performs extremely well for Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, and sailfish.  The strike ratio for billfish and dorado is the best we have ever seen.  We encourage you to put both refraction and Refraction Jr in your spread for at least 10 strikes.  Here at MagBay Lure we are willing to bet that our lures will account for several of those strikes, and if they do not, send them back for a full refund including shipping anytime in the first 90 days.  That’s how confident we are.  We are absolutely sure it you buy either Refraction Lure, you will end up buying more, try one and see for yourself.   Learn about Refraction Here Learn about how fish see Here And check out the lure here: MagBay Refraction Marlin Lure

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