Pink Is The New Black – Wahoo Tips

In many parts of the world, the color pink is underestimated for Wahoo Fishing.  I always here people say “Wahoo will hit anything that shines” or “Wahoo like dark colors”, etc.  To some extent these do appear to be true, but it depends on the day, the location and how the Wahoo are feeling in general. I think sometimes anglers think pink may be just a little too feminine.  Or the brilliance of the pink appears un-natural, so they think it would never look real to the fish.  Whatever the hang-ups are on the pink color when targeting Wahoo, don’t let your pride get in the way.  Pink is, in my opinion, one of the absolute best colors for Wahoo Lures. Virgin Wahoo Lure Pink is not always my go to color, but it is almost always the 2nd choice when others wahoo lures are not working like they sometimes do.  Maybe it is just a slow day, maybe the Wahoo don’t want to cooperate, etc but it is at that point when I will always whip out a pink lure or 2. I recall a trip in July down on the 23 bank outside of MagBay when we nailed the Wahoo the day before.  They were hitting surface plugs, desperado series, bombs, and anything we threw at them.  Next morning, almost a full moon, we showed up ready to fill the fish hold.  Nothing but tuna and dorado were hitting.  By around 9:30 am we had 0 wahoo strikes.  I took out the virgin mary wahoo lure  and re-skirted a plomero with 2 of the inner pink skirts.  Dropped em back and you would not believe it within the next 5 minutes triple wahoo strike including both the pink lures.  That day 5 clients left and probably will never buy another wahoo lure that is not pink. pink wahoo lure Now, of course that has a lot to do with timing and luck, but the reality is pink will work in your spread.  Of course I have had pink in the lure spread tracking down big wahoo and they have hit the other lures and not the pink, so it is not a guaranteed winner by any means, but I absolutely whole heartedly recommend having at least one pink lure in the bag fi you are doing a Wahoo trip. I know a lot of guys doing longe range trips out of San Diego, always a fair share of who knows what and blab bla bla on those trips.  I think some guys are a little bit hesitant to whip out a hot pink lure around all their beer drinking, storytelling, kick ass buddies.  But, no pain no gain.  I encourage you to do it, show no shame in your masculinity, and watch what they do when the hot pink out fishes the other lures on deck.  Quite often it will. Until next time, tight lines and fast fish!  

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