High Speed Wahoo Lure – Daisy Chain

Fish from savage daisy chains
High Speed Daisy Chain For Wahoo Fishing?  The Most Deadly Technique there is! One of the most under used technique in Wahoo fishing by far, in my humble opinion, is utilizing a daisy chain.  When many big game anglers think of a Daisy Chain with Lure they think of a cool little bird, some feathers or plungers, etc and a nice line skipping and creating commotion on the surface attracting pelagic fish like tuna, mahi, marlin, sailfish and what have you.  This works great and is well known among sport fishing addicts. What many fishermen and fisherwoman do not consider is the effectiveness of a submersed daisy chain especially as a Wahoo Lure! High Speed Wahoo Trolling Let me explain just a few of the benefits:
  • You get all types of other pelagic species
  • You hide your wire leader
  • You attract more fish to the spread
  • You get more bites and more Wahoo.
  This all is a fact.  We have gone to most of our spreads running at least one underwater cavitational Daisy Chain Wahoo lure for all our serious Wahoo trips.   Take a look at this lure for an example:  Savage Daisy Chain Savage High Speed Wahoo Lure Now the important factor for the chain is to use cavitation heads on the wire.  What this does is shoot a jet stream down the line so the wire becomes invisible (and this is why you get so many more strikes from other species other than Wahoo).  So now you have 1 bigger bait chasing 2-4 smaller baits under water and creating a realistic commotion like that of actual baitfish. This technique is little known for Wahoo, but I can honestly say that it is perhaps the most effective technique I know of for putting Wahoo on the deck.  Here is a 1.5 day trip with mostly savage daisy chain Plomero and Plomerito Wahoo Lures. Fish from savage daisy chains We also believe that a similar color string tends to work better, but we are no strangers to experimenting.  Consider the waters you are fishing in, the clarity, the common baitfish, and the common lure colors that tend to work in your grounds.  Consider all this when purchasing or assembling your Wahoo slaying Daisy Chain. If I had to choose one lure in a race to catch as many fish as possible this would be the one.   I encourage you all to give it a try.  Report back with the results.  I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised.

1 thoughts on “High Speed Wahoo Lure – Daisy Chain

  1. Marc oshatz says:

    I purchased the 5 pack wahoo lure set and on my first time using them on a trip to Bimini
    we caught fish on every one of the lures !!!!! Awesome …

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