Catch More Dorado – Proven! Watch Video

Underwater Mahi Mahi Dorado
Whatever you call them, Dolphin Fish, Mahi Mahi or Dorado, Dodos etc the fact is there is a proven technique to catch more of them.  We have touched on this before, but now made a video (inadvertently) to demonstrate it. What happened on this rough day out of MagBay was typical minus the pretty nasty seas.  The day was a little slow at first as it was tough fishing with windy conditions and we were out on a 27ft boat.  But luckily the left rigger flew on the Mahi Morsel Lure (often times the first lure to fly).  The fish came towards the boat with the action and strength of a smaller fish so we knew it was most likely a dorado (smaller for us as most the fish were wahoo and marlin).  As the fish came in we had not yet seen another, but decided to let this one hang in the water and keep heading forward.  After about a minute we saw another yellow flash. Immediately we threw some live baits and there they came.   We put cameras down continued throwing baits and kept fish in the water and after a ton of fun had limits on the boat for each Angler. The main point is that dorado (mahi mahi) rarely are on their own.  If you hook one, maybe 1 out of 3 or 4 times you can find the school if you really try and see the signs.  It certainly helps to have live bait and in most cases is necessary for this trick to work.  Sometimes you can grab a few more on jigs and poppers but live bait helps them stay longer. Please fish responsibly when using this technique.  We must protect out oceans and the limits are there for a reason.  Sometimes when dorado are all around the boat it is easy to lose count as our limits are only 2 per person.  It is imperative to respect limits and release small fish to grow bigger.  The laws are made and by all means keep the fish you plan to eat within the legal limits.   An easy way to release mahi mahi is to grab the hook with pliers with the fish still in the water.  Their mouths are much easier to pull the hook from than a wahoo and even a marlin, so there is no excuse for not beaing able to make a quick and easy water release.  But, these dorado also are hardy, smaller ones can be brought on for a quick photo and quickly released with no harm done. Tight lines and enjoy the video made by Captain Steve from Deadliest Kast Sportfishing!    

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