San Francisco Giant Champion Angel Pagan with Mamacita Marlin

Angel Pagan with big Marlin
Angel Pagan is known for helping the Giants win multiple world series – which if course is a great accomplishment.  But, another even greater accomplishment is winning a Puerto Rican Marlin tournament while using the MagBay Mamacita Lure.  Well ok, maybe its not that great but at a minimum it is at least pretty cool.  We are happy he has decided to fish MagBay Lures, and he was fortunate to win another style of tournament.  This one perhaps does not bring the glory that the world series rings do, but like they say, a bad day of fishing is better than the best day of work.  In this particular scenario, I am not so sure as when a game of baseball is your job its tough to beat, but then again reeling in grander to win the tournament is as well.    

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