Virgin Mary Wahoo Lure Runner


The “Virgin Mary” 8 inch Wahoo Lure

We believe most anglers underestimate the power of Pink.  A pink Lure for Wahoo is a 100% must have.  Any charter I have ever been on where the boat targeted Wahoo but did not have a pink Lure told me they have spent too little time researching.  This brilliant Pink is not always the best color for wahoo, but there are times that we have seen over and over again all around the world where the pink lure becomes the clear winner especially, on a slower day.  If you know Wahoo are around, but you are not getting strikes, it is a 100% must to drop back a pink.  I cannot count how many times this has been effective.  People tell me all the time, Wahoo like dark colors.  The truth is, they do, but there are times when they don’t as well.  It is these times when the brightest color Wahoo Lure you can find lands the most fish.



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