2017 FSFA Offshore Tournament 1st Place Wahoo

Cesar A. Gonzalez is no rookie to tournament fishing or tournament winning and he has chosen MagBay Lures for his wahoo and dorado lures of choice.  He won the 2017 tournament with a MagBay Special Wahoo Lure and had several more on deck coming in close to winners as well. MagBay Lures appreciates the support of all those using our lures and are always open to discuss tournaments you may want to enter.  When it comes to Wahoo fishing we have specialized techniques that our customers confide in us.  These techniques can help you have that extra edge on what it takes to win a tournament. At the time of this posting, MagBay lures have been offering their products for only a year and a half and already have 6 tournaments that we know of placed in. Prior to the formation of MagBay Lures, inc the founders have won multiple tournaments over their many years, and our goal is to continue the tradition with our customer base. In a coming post we will give some guidelines on what we believe can give that extra edge to winning tournaments. We want to thank Cesar and his team, AKA his son for being great fishermen, great customers, and great advocates of the amazing sport we have all come to love.

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