Lures, Lures, Lures !

When planning out your big game fishing trip, lures and tackle is always a major factor to contemplate over.  Us fishermen know, most boats have limited space for tackle, lures, and gear – yet we also know we want as much as possible.  Deciding on the tackle to bring can be one of the most stressful, yet also often one of the most enjoyable parts as well about planning a long range or deep sea trip private or chartered. MagBay Lures understands this frustration in planning, but we also understand the joy it brings in selecting the right lures and terminal tackle.  This is why we have created a variety of our lure bags with what we feel is a perfcect spread for different situations be it the target as Wahoo, Marlin, tuna, etc.  These bags have what works in them and we make it easy for you to buy the whole set.  Some people prefer to choose individual lures to add to their bag, while others prefer to be prepared in advance and have the bag ready to roclk and roll. We all know the panic of hot action sportfishing and you cant find the lure, or its not rigged, etc.  MagBay Lures comes from a very long line of big game fishermen who understand that there is no time to waste at 7:30 am when the Wahoo are striking heavily.  Mage sure you are prepared, leaders are rigged and all is set. Check out our new Lure bag Setups and contact us with any questions. MagBay Lure Bag

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