Tuna Lures – How to Rig a Flying Fish Lure for the Kite with Stinger Hook

Flying Fish with Stinger Hook
The Video Below demonstrates a technique on how to rig a Flying Fish or Yummee Flyer Lure with a Stinger Hook generally used with kite fishing for big yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna. Big Tuna tend to be line shy, especially the big ones, from time to time.  So Kite fishing was born with the ability to leave all the terminal tackle out of the water and to be bale to offer the appearance of a true flying fish.  Skipping these lures across the water and flying out at 10-15 knots, can be a truly productive way to land big tuna. The Stinger hook helps ensure success even if the tuna, wahoo, marlin, or dorado is barely able to snatch the flying fish on its next jump across the waves.  Often times when searching for big fish like cow tuna or big Wahoo, you don’t get alot of chances.  We always recommend a stinger hook if your lure is being used on the kite. It just makes sense.  We don’t believe a stinger hook is required for regular slow trolling but some people do like the extra advantage. If you are planning a trip out in search of big game, a yummee flyer or flying fish lure certainly is advisable.   Check out the below video to see how we do it.  Its not the only way, but its a good one.  

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