Colored Sincero Lures ….Whaaaat?

Colored Sincero Lures ® ….Whaaaat?

The Cowbell Fishing Lure ® (a registered trademark of Topgun Ballyhood Lures whom is not affiliated with MagBay Lures) is a great concept and has worked well for Wahoo and continues to bring Wahoo to the deck.  The new Sincero Lure by Magbay Lures (not a trademarked Cowbell Lures ®) has incorporated the concept.  While still utilizing the vibrating cavitation simple concept,  MagBay Lures has created a dynamic head with high cavitation levels for pressures and speeds consistent with wahoo trolling.

The cavitation creates attraction in the water.  As we know, wahoo tend to be attracted to commotion.  We believe the more of it, the better.

Beyond this we have created color schemes on the hard anodized aluminum tubes that surround the 316 stainless steel heads.  The dynamic head design and the colored tubes now allows for more options than just a different colored skirt.  Both Lures are great, and both catch fish but now there are multiple options out there on a similar and proven concept.

Our Cencero Lures are all Made 100% in the USA.  Our quality is unrivaled as manufacturing is done in-house on most of our products.

Try a Cencero lure today and enjoy a wahoo dinner tomorrow.

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