Mag Bay Fishing at its Finest

Nice Wahoo Fishing Out of MagBay
Mag Bay Fishing at its Finest MagBay Lures has created the perfect Offshore fishing package for the Magdalena Bay Fishing Grounds.  This package is great for July-Dec when the offshore season along the banks and ridges really takes off for Big Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna and Dorado. Check out the MagBay Premier Fishing Lure Kit Here The Lodge at Magbay is hands down the premier outfitter to fish with when you visit the area if you are lucky enough to be able to reserve a spot and run with their crew and boats.  Often the best way to setup your trip is with the Salt Junkies out of San Diego or simply contact them direct.  But if you get the chance there is some absolutely amazing fishing to be had! When Fishing in Mag Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico it is extremely important to get with the right boat and the right crew especially when the goal is serious Wahoo Fishing.  The fishing grounds are so amazing that anyone can catch fish, but to really load the boat with Wahoo, Tuna and Dorado you need someone who has adapted to how these fish move and eat in the area. Our Lures were developed based on the feeding habits out of MagBay, which is in many ways the same as all over the world, but in many ways different as well.  For example, have you ever seen 50 striped Marlin almost crashing into the boat or fighting against each other when not even hooked on a line?  In your normal fishing routine have you seen Wahoo fly out of the water in excess of 20ft?  These are some things that happen in MagBay somewhat regularly, yet often do not happen in Los Cabos only 180 miles away. Now, every big game fishing location in the world has their own techniques.  Helium Balloons and Kites in PV are just an everyday basic staple almost like power bait for a trout fisherman.  A helium Ballon is as common as a circle hook in those waters when going after cow yellowfin. The point of all of this, is if you go to Mag Bay and want to fish all around the beautiful area of Isla Magdalena, do your homework.  And that is mostly true for any area in the world. The Sport Fishing Lodge at Mag Bay has amazing accommodations, beautiful boats, and most importantly a captain that probably likes fishing as much or more than you do.  Its in their blood, and in their hearts.

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