Jigs, Jigs and ughh more jigs.

If you’re anything like myself and more than likely 92 % of the rest of the angling community, you have way more tackle than you ever need or will use. When it comes to jigs I can guarantee you have plenty that have dust on them and haven’t been showed any love in a long time.  Regardless I’m not here to tell you which ones to use or not use I’m sure you’re up to par with the what’s hot and what’s not.  What I am here to emphasize is tackle storage. Have you ever had to carry around a bunch of clear plano boxes filled with jigs or a heavy jig box full of some un-needed things? Saltwater Jigs What If I told you between myself (Salt Junkies Inc.) and (Mag Bay Lures) that we are in the midst of introducing a jig binder style bag to keep your stuff organized.  On the go, in the heat of the moment you will be able to grab a surface iron, any magbay jig, yo-yo iron and butterly or flat fall style jigs.   Open up your new jig bag and get busy!  Tight lines and peeling drags! Wait no longer the Salt Junkies Designed MagBay jig bag is here.  For all you fishermen and woman out there in search of a solution for jigs it is here.  This bag wont slide, can hold 25 jigs, contains special nylon coated mesh so hooks will not stick in and can easily be jiggle out of any pocket.  This guy is a must have. Tackle and Jig Organizing Bag    

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