Cedar Plugs – Advanced Polyurethane Lures

MagBay Plugs are a truly innovative advancement to the basic Cedar Plug.  Cedar plugs are great weapons for tuna and other pelagic fish, and now the Magbay Plugs provide an even greater weapon.  The polyurethane creates a transparent color pattern in the water that provides the illusion to a predator fish of a panicking baitfish.  The abalone shell inlay creates the realistic shine and shimmer of real-life fish patterns.  The two elements combined are what have allowed the marlin resin head lures and kona style heads to prosper for the last 75 years.  Now, we offer a plug that has the action of a cedar plug with the actual shimmer of a baitfish.

6” Plugs come pre-rigged with 150 lbs & long shank 8/0 SS Hook



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