Redesigned Plomero High Speed Wahoo Lure

El Plomero Wahoo Lure
Below we show a video of an easy skirting technique used for our redesigned high speed Plomero wahoo lures. We all know that Wahoo have pretty decent teeth and crushing power. We also know any skirt, no matter how great it is, is susceptible to being damaged on potentially the first wahoo caught. Our skirts usually hold up quite well, and we always double skirt our wahoo lures for extra body as well as for extra durability, but still there will come a time when a change is needed.  There is nothing worse than losing the lure that is catching all the fish from simple damage.  With our system, a lure can be skirted in literally 60 seconds or less and with ease.  In addition, the flange keeps the skirt in pace no matter how hard the Wahoo or other fish pulls.  Check out the video to see how easy the system is and feel free to pickup some extra skirts. The Plomero Wahoo Lure uses our 12.5″ Skirts  

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