Vallarta Vacona

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Vallarta Vacona – Wahoo Killer

The Vallarta Vacona is not a real skipjack, but it is pretty @#!%&* close.

Its called the Vacona because it actually catches Cow tuna.  Weighing in at barely under 3 pounds this thing is huge and it truly does look like a skipjack to gamefish.  Give it a try when there are big cows around – it works!  Many reports of Marlin have come in on this lure as well which is a little odd for Wahoo style Lures.

This Lure is a cow tuna Killer.  wait what – cow tuna on a lure?  Yea – it can happen and it will.  This guy is huge, balanced to move like a real skip jack and just irresistable to big cow tuna, blue and black marlin, and of course big Wahoo.  We are not telling you to use this rather than a live skipjack as that would be just plain dumb, but we are telling you that the Vallarta Vacona is one %$#@ of alot better than no skipjack at all.

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